Individualism vs Collectivism


Is The Moral Stance, Political Philosophy, Ideology Or Social Outlook That Stresses The Moral Worth Of The Individual. Individualists Promote The Exercise Of One’s Goals, Desires, Independence And Self Reliance While Opposing Most External Interference Upon One’s Own Interests, Whether By Society Or Any Other Group Or Institution.

Individualism Makes The Individual Its Focus And So It Starts With The Fundamental Premise That The Human Individual Is Of Primary Importance In The Struggle For Liberation. Natural Rights And Freedom Are The Substance Of These Theories. Classical Liberalism (Including Libertarianism), Existentialism And Individual Anarchism Are Examples Of Movements That Take The Human Individual As A Central Unit Of Analysis.

It Has Also Been Used As A Term Denoting “The Quality Of Being An Individual; Individuality” Related To Possessing “An Individual Characteristic; A Quirk” Individualism Is Thus Also Associated With Artistic And Bohemian Interests And Lifestyles Where There Is A Tendency Towards Self Creation And Experimentation As Opposed To Tradition Or Popular Mass Opinions And Behaviors  As So Also With Humanist Philosophical Positions And Ethics.


Is A Term Used To Describe Any Moral, Political Or Social Outlook That Emphasises The Interdependence Of Every Natural Born Man Or Woman In Some Collective Group And The Priority Of Group Goals Over Individual Goals. Collectivists Focus On Community And Society, And Seek To Give Priority To Group Rights Over Individual Rights.

The Philosophical Underpinnings Of Collectivism Are For Some Related To Holism Or Organicism, The View That The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts Or Pieces. This Form Of Collectivism Is Often Referred To As Corporatism. Specifically, A Society As A Whole Can Be Seen As Having More Meaning Or Value Than The Separate Individuals That Make Up That Society. Collectivism Is Widely Seen As Being Opposed To Individualism. Notably These Views Are Sometimes Combined In Systems.

Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light  (Part 1 of 3)

Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light (Part 2 of 3)

Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light (Part 3 of 3)

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