Bitmessage – Decentralized Email Networking

Bitmessage Is A P2P Communications Protocol (Similar To That Of Bitcoin Or Bittorrent) Which Sends Encrypted Messages To Another Person Or To Many Subscribers. It Is Decentralized And Trustless, Meaning That You Need Not Inherently Trust Any Entities Like Root Certificate Authorities. It Uses Strong Authentication Which Means That The Sender Of A Message Cannot Be Spoofed, And It Aims To Hide “Non-Content” Data, Like The Sender And Receiver Of Messages, From Passive Eavesdroppers Like Those Running Warrantless Wiretapping Programs.

It Sends Messages Like A Typical Email System. Except It Doesn't Allow For Sending Photo's Or Images To Other Users

Bitmessage 4

Bitmessage 7

Bitmessage 8

Compiling Instructions Can Be Found Here Via The Bitmessage Project Page:

Please Note That Bitmessage Is Only Available For Linux And Windows Users At The Present Moment. However It Maybe Possible In The Coming Months That The Code Could Be Ported To For Mac OS X Users.